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Category: Humidifiers
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Date: 2013-11-07

This big and powerful humidifier is placed in the main room. The humidifier works very loudly, it is of course a negative point, if you need silence — than the model isn’t certainly for you, as the level of noise is approximately the same as in boiling kettle, that is it’s heard all over apartment, you can get used to, but it’s difficult, it’s also impossible to diminish the power. It has got ECO mode, however it is a little deception, as it essentially lowers the desired moisture threshold, reaching which the humidifier turns off. The given model costs about 250$. We should notice that when it reaches the programmed level of humidity, expenses are surely reducing, however it never reaches the programmed level of humidity of 60-65% in room with open doors( or like mine – where there are no doors at all), so it works constantly, for about 12 hours a day. Fortunately, there is a need to use it only during the heating season when apartment’s humidity falls to 20% and you start having problems with mucous membranes, eyes and hair that is I use it for about 5 months a year. The coming steam is warm and you won’t be able to burn yourself, this is good, it is relatively safe for children and animals.

The assembly is good, there are no uneven gaps, and all the details are ideally selected, the quality of details and manufactured article in general leaves an impression of good commodity. There is a guide-book, cable, water container and anti calcium disk – this is white fabric round cushion in a complete set. I use only perfectly purified water, ran through the system of reverse osmosis in the humidifier, however anyway working for month, the heating element of humidifier is covered with calcium, and so to get rid of it you need to use CalcOff purifier. The humidifier has a fine LCD screen with sensory buttons as well, but there are almost no settings, you can only configure the level of desired humidity and the time of switching on and off on the timer, as for eco mode I’ve described it above. One of the most useful good things is having the built-in hygrometer, which determines the current humidity, it is convenient – you can at once see what the humidity is in the room at the moment. Besides, it has quite inconvenient indicator of water in a tank, through which the level is seen only on bright sunny day, it’s useless to look at it in the evening. And of course it has got overheating protection system, in other words, the humidifier simply turns off if there is no water left. Black side panels are surely nice for first 5 minutes, and than they are covered with dust and animal hair and all this look not very nice. One more good point is presence of container for aromatization; it’s just a hollow in the lid covering the evaporator above, where you can drop an essential oil and it will spread its flavor, really not long, the oil is evaporated for 15-20 minutes. More beneficial usage are inhalations, that is really useful in the case of catching a cold, this is an official good point at that, you can pour into the eucalyptus oil and breathe it in for 15 minutes over the humidifier, it’s very convenient.

All in all, I am rather pleased than not with the model, it carries out main functions, though the volume of work is very high and consumption of the energy is incredibly large, but I knew what I was buying. So I recommend this model, it’s of high-quality and I don’t think that you will have any problems with it.

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  1. Sabrina 03 December 2013 :

    Last year, when our baby was born, my husband bought a humidifier, because the doctor said that it will be useful for our child. But to be honest, I don`t see any difference. How can I understand that the air is humidified?

  2. Greta 08 December 2013 :

    Well, as for me, I feel that my skin is not dry and it is easier for me to breathe. As I have allergy, humidifier is really a necessity for me and I`m sure that it is really good for kids.

  3. Juli 12 December 2013 :

    I can`t feel any difference neither, except the thing that I pay for electricity quite a lot. We`ve been using it for about a year and then stopped because of the prices on electricity.

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