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product : Bosch TDA-2315
Category: Irons
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Date: 2013-11-21

I have to do a lot of ironing, as I have two children. My son is a real sloven – daily I need to wash and iron for him very many things. Besides, my small fashionable lady loves little skirts and dresses with ruffles, folds, bows very much. So every day I have to iron either my husband’s shirts or son’s T-shirts or daughter’s dresses. I needed a model with no superfluous bells and whistles, but one which could iron quickly, easily and that it wasn’t heavy. I liked Bosch TDA that suited all these aspects. It’s light, quick, and convenient. It has a good handle, so it is easily and reliably taken in hand and doesn’t slide. So it is comfortable to hold in hand. The iron itself slides along fabric easily and irons also easily, even the most intricate folds and stitches. So I quickly and with pleasure do ironing. Buttons are conveniently placed, right under your fingers. They are not tightly pressed. I had such a problem with my previous iron, so here I was able to appreciate this advantage. The switcher for regulation of different modes for various fabrics works fine. It is quickly heated up and switched into necessary thermal mode. Honestly speaking, linen fabrics are ironed a bit difficult. It cools down rather quickly after being switched off, which is convenient, when you’re hurrying to put it on its place.

As for drawbacks of this iron I can note that the roller, which controls the steaming, is a little bit tight, but this is not a problem after all. It seems to me that mains connection has normal length, but I’d like it to be a little longer, as it would be more convenient to iron large clothes. I can name completely open hole to saturating of water for steaming its essential defect. I am always in a hurry, so I am trying to iron things as quick as possible. If it’s filled with too much water, the water simply sprays around from this hole when you make strokes with the iron. It is sometimes a pity if water pours out and a watery stain occurs in just ironed place on the shirt that you have to iron again. If only there was a cap which covered this opening, there wouldn’t occur such a problem. But on all in all, I’m satisfied with this model of iron.

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