Maya For Women By Myrurgia Soap

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Customer reviews: Maya For Women By Myrurgia Soap

Unreachable smell

Author: Kalina     Date: 2013-11-25
Author´s opinion:
I love bathing and different soaps. Sometimes I buy soap& perfumes in one, as they smell better and are softer than simple soaps. Without any exaggeration I’d say that I’ve tried almost all kinds and brands of soap & perfume in my town. For years Maja is known among lovers of soap & perfume in one. But actually it took me much time to find it. As I see it, the design of the package that used to have woman on it is transformed and I can’t but say that it has become much simpler. I belong to those who love simple things and appreciate great quality. As for the soap I’d give it my appreciation because it possesses ...