Marseille flake soap, Aroma-zone

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Universal soap for all occasions

Author: Sheila     Date: 2013-11-21
Author´s opinion:
The flake soap is very convenient exactly because of its form – for instance, it doesn’t need grating in order to boil it anew, and to enrich it with the herbal broth, milk or an essential oil. You can simply put it into the washing machine when washing. But I mostly make a soap paste of it and actually wash with it. I put about 1/3 of the flakes, a couple of tablespoons of the baking soda (I have no washing soda, otherwise I’d add it) into a plastic pail and fill it all with water up to the top. Then I stir it and cover it with a top. That’s all – the universal cleanser will be ready in a couple of days. I only use the paste for washing, not ...