Loudspeaker that didn’t live up to my hopes despite its low price

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Date: 2013-11-04

I bought this loudspeaker system for $60. Before purchasing I examined the point, read comments and reviews of reasonable loudspeaker systems. The fact that the company Edifier is a Chinese one explains everything. To my mind, Chinese brands deserve no credit. But I needed a medium-priced loudspeaker and Swiss Logitech loudspeaker system of similar power cost $ 150-200. I had my eye on the loudspeaker of this brand and bought.

At first I will mention its advantages. One can notice with the naked eye that the assembly is praiseworthy; all splits of this brand are exact, equal and well-developed; the speakers are appeared to be of good quality. Of course, it is pleasant. The framework is wooden; perhaps it is made out of extruded chips and not of all-of-a-piece wood. The sound as such is clear even at high volumes.

I connected the loudspeaker to the Nu Force Icon-2 digital-to-analog converter which was considered to be also an amplifier. As you will appreciate I can judge the quality of sound with confidence and I must admit that the speakers give out everything they are capable for. I am not going to tire you with a product specification that can be easily found on any site of a store or on the official website of Edifier company. It is very easy to connect the speakers as the front boards are removable. The other advantage is that the sound is clear, of course, as far as it is possible for $60. I have Denon headphones for $ 2,000 but it is silly to compare them.

There are also several disadvantages. I am not a great music lover; I just like good sound especially saturated profound bass. I maximized the bass on these speakers but it didn’t have any result as there was no bass. There was a muffled plain booming which is the travesty of profound clear bass. The installation of a volume control button and a stop button at the back of the speakers is inconvenient. I don’t understand why they can’t be located on the side; it is inconvenient and boring to reach the back of the speakers to turn them on or off several times a day. And that’s it, there was nothing for the money even of almost all other brands. There was only one alternative but I didn’t manage to find it.

I listened to my friend’s German speakers not so long ago, they were cheaper and cost about $ 40, the framework was plastic. There was a volume control button on the front of the speakers, bass, and clearer sound. I won’t name the brand in order not to be considered as an advertising review. I could not find such loudspeaker system but I had no time to look for it and I needed speakers the sooner the better. That is why I bought what was easy to get.

Generally speaking, I don’t recommend this loudspeaker system; it is possible to find better speakers with more elaborate ergonomics for the money.

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  1. SF 16 December 2013 :

    I have noticed that everything that is rather cheap is usually of low quality. The same thing happened with my headphones. I think it is better to collect enough money to buy more expensive product of high quality.

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