Liquid Marseille soap, Aroma-zone

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Customer reviews: Liquid Marseille soap, Aroma-zone

How could I do without it before?

Author: Sheila     Date: 2013-11-28
Author´s opinion:
This soap is a true liquid one, or a saponified olive oil. It has nothing to do with the ordinary shop liquid soap, which is actually just a mixture of various surfactants. The soap is packed in convenient bottles with batchers, so, I don’t pour it anywhere, I just use it from the bottle, as both the pump and the bottle are convenient. The soap is liquid, it has no smell. This soap can be easily aromatized with a special cosmetic perfume or with an essential oil, but I don’t do it. Unlike the liquid soap which is sold in the supermarkets it foams much less. The soap is quite liquid. It doesn’t leave the feeling of sliminess on ...