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Date: 2013-11-03

This lipstick is not a new product as it has been tested by hundreds of women. There are a lot of rapturous comments about it and we should admit that they are worthy. But at first we will discuss its shortcomings. The lipstick will accentuate the imperfection of your lips as well as products of the series “extreme”. It doesn’t provide the smooth surface if it is laid in one layer. Its durability is not the highest among the actual lipsticks.

Nevertheless the lipstick has more advantages than disadvantages. The most important characteristic that I take into consideration choosing a lipstick is that it should not be felt as a vaseline on lips. Theoretically, it should not be felt at all. Moreover it should not dry up my lips, as many caring skin “balms” make my lips dry. Dior Addict Lipstick doesn’t promote such problems. I use it independently or with a cherry-red Dior Extreme lipstick.

I am very satisfied as this lipstick has a convenient tube, almost insensible odour and it doesn’t spread on my lips. I use the lipstick from time to time, that is why several tubes will be enough for me for a long time. When these tubes run out, I will peer at Dior lipsticks. Perhaps a series with new shades will appear.

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  1. Mandy 11 December 2013 :

    A few weeks ago I wanted to buy the similar lipstick but the thing that bothered me was that it is rather colorless. The texture is not bad but the colors are too neutral or maybe I am wrong?

  2. Dora 16 December 2013 :

    As for me I also think that the colors are rather dull that is why I prefer lipsticks with more deep colors, though the texture and the smell are really nice.

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