La Prairie Cellular Radiance Concentrate, Pure Gold

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Customer reviews: La Prairie Cellular Radiance Concentrate, Pure Gold

Wonderful Concentrate but Too Pricey

Author: Lora J Dircz     Date: 2013-11-01
Author´s opinion:
When several months ago my aim was to refresh my dull and dry skin, my friend recommended me to buy Concentrate by La Prairie. The price was too inflated for me and I didn’t afford to purchase it. Fortunately, several weeks ago my boyfriend bought me a sample of this concentrate. My sensitive skin is in raptures over this concentrate. As I am a teacher and a mother of little kids and have constant stress, my skin always reflects my emotional and physical state. To be exact, it was in the yesterdays and now my skin looks radiant and healthy despite all my problems. This concentrate is useful also for its anti-aging and ...