USB 2.0 – hub splitter Flower, Konoos

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Computer hub-flower

Author: Lunar_Princess     Date: 2013-11-13
Author´s opinion:
I am about to describe USB-hub, so-called USB splitter. This is such a gizmo, which is used for “multiplication” of computer USB-ports. Frequently, owners of laptops have a problem of lack of USB-ports, and I wasn’t the exception, as my laptop has only just three of them. And I have to link up much more devices in it, than it’s ready to accept. As a result, I had to connect them to computer in turns. I have three devices that are persistently working: keyboard, mouse and modem. Finally, to connect one more device, I constantly had to pull something out, so that to free place for a newcomer. The case ended the way that one of ...