It’s a mediocre reader, it falters from time to time

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Date: 2013-11-28

I’ve bought a card reader in order not to stick the cable into the camera constantly. It seemed to be more convenient to remove the flesh card from the camera and to insert it into the reader. It turned out that it would be better to insert the cord into the camera, because the flesh card can quickly fail if you keep removing it hither and thither, it isn’t designed for these aims. Moreover, the card reader itself is of an unknown Chinese brand, I bought it just because there were no other ones, wherein the price is 15$. It works every other time: sometimes it reads well, sometimes you can insert the card and nothing happens, so, you have to remove it and insert again. It can happen several times beforethe card reader finally recognizes it.When the card reader still fails to recognize the card, only the computer restart can help. I’ve got a new stationary computer and everything is all right with the power of the USB ports, so, the problem is definitively not in the computer, but in the reader itself. It supports all the card formats which are popular today, and it’s the only advantage. The construction is very fragile, the backlashes are big, it also creaks and it seems that if you press it tight, it will break just in your hands.

Also it’s half-transparent and you can see the board inside, it doesn’t make it look nicer. The reader doesn’t have inner power. All in all, avoid the Rollei brand.

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