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Date: 2013-11-28

This soap is a true liquid one, or a saponified olive oil. It has nothing to do with the ordinary shop liquid soap, which is actually just a mixture of various surfactants. The soap is packed in convenient bottles with batchers, so, I don’t pour it anywhere, I just use it from the bottle, as both the pump and the bottle are convenient. The soap is liquid, it has no smell. This soap can be easily aromatized with a special cosmetic perfume or with an essential oil, but I don’t do it.

Unlike the liquid soap which is sold in the supermarkets it foams much less. The soap is quite liquid. It doesn’t leave the feeling of sliminess on the skin, it’s washed off completely and quickly. I gave up the ordinary liquid soap long ago, because it was this sliminess that annoyed me, as it meant that the soap wasn’t washed off from the skin completely, and I definitely don’t need any sodium lauryl sulfate on my skin. So, I was using the solid soap, sometimes the baby one, sometimes I bought the natural soap from the experienced soap-boilers. And now I have an excellent liquid, a really natural one, which satisfies me completely. I use this soap for washing my face and hands. Personally for me one bottle is enough for about a month and a half.

This soap will be suitable both for babies and for adults with sensible skin. I strongly advice everyone who is preoccupied with the condition of their skin and with safety of the used washing facilities to take a closer look at this soap.

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