How to germinate wheat for food


How to germinate wheat for food

Germinated cereal grains are widely used in natural nutrition as a source of the most essential vitamins and trace elements, including such important as the B-group vitamins, E vitamin, zinc, magnesium and many others. It is believed that the growing grains contain more life energy, which is transmitted to person who uses grains for food. Thus, the grain is a kind of biological stimulant. The outer shell of grain is rich in cellulose, that improves digestion and the core contains a lot of nutrients in an easily digestible form. Regular consumption of sprouted grains improves the function of internal organs, eyesight, and condition of hair, skin and nails. And it is not difficult to cook this vitamin miracle.

You´ll need

  • Grains of wheat
  • Content for soaking (glass)
  • Napkin or gauze cut
  • Deep plate


  • How to germinate wheat for food

    Grain for germination can be bought in the departments of healthy or natural food (or departments “for diabetics”) of common supermarkets. It is possible to look for it in the Internet healthy food stores. In recent years not only wheat, but oats, flax, rye and other cereals for germination have appeared. These are the best variants. If you still have to buy grains in the farmers market, it is necessary to buy from the sellers you trust and you’d better wash such grains out in water with weak manganese crystals solution. The grains should be bright, homogeneous, with a good smell.

  • How to germinate wheat for food

    For germination I usually take half a glass of grain and several times thoroughly wash the grain in a large glass. You may use a saucepan, a bowl, etc. All grains that come up and the garbage and husk with them we throw away. In this case I have very clean grains, almost nothing has emerged.

  • How to germinate wheat for food

    The remaining grain in the same glass I soak for 10-12 hours, the time depends on a season: in winter more time is needed, in summer less. If summer is too hot, you can soak and germinate grain in the refrigerator. We don’t close the glass, so that our grains won’t “turn sour”.

  • How to germinate wheat for food

    Then we wash the grain under running water. Actually, it is time for the “germination” itself.

  • How to germinate wheat for food

    We put our grain into a deep plate.

  • How to germinate wheat for food

    And cover its top with a napkin or with a double layer of gauze.

  • How to germinate wheat for food

    Pour some more water so that it completely covered the grain and leave the seeds to germinate.

  • How to germinate wheat for food

    Every 10-12 hours we wash out the grain, and at the same time we keep an eye at its readiness. These are the grains called “hatched” or “awakened” and they can already be eaten. However, it is better to give it more time so that the grain would become softer.

  • How to germinate wheat for food

    Such germinated grain (as on picture) we are quite satisfied with, it is believed to be more wholesome.

  • How to germinate wheat for food

    We again wash out the grain and can eat it. The norm is 3-4 tablespoons of germinated seeds per day. The grain can be put into soup, salads, and porridge. But it is important to chew the grain well, that’s why I recommend eating it separately chewing up to a state of pulp. We put the rest of the grain into a jar with a lid and keep it in the fridge for no longer than two days.


  • As in everything, you should know when to stop eating germinated grains. It’s pretty heavy food for people with diseases of the stomach so it advisable to grind the grain in a blender.

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  1. garbar 07 February 2014 :

    I got used to cook salads with germinated wheat, and it is not just useful and healthy, but it is also very tasty. But I don`t know what else to cook except salads, what other recipes do you know?

  2. Jenifer Pat 06 March 2014 :

    Personally I like to make sauces adding germinated wheat. The main thing is to put all the products in blender and turn them into the paste. It tastes really good.

  3. Lucky 31 March 2014 :

    I can`t say that I liked the taste that is why I don`t know what to cook by using this product, but I think that it would be nice to bake bread with germinated wheat, it should be nourishing,

  4. Tom 05 April 2014 :

    My kids refuse to eat it. That is why I add it into soups. It has a specific taste and in soup it sounds really great. Just a usual vegetable soup with germinated wheat.

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