Pills from England to improve eyesight, don’t help much

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Medication:   I-Caps
Category:   Eye Diseases
Author´s opinion:
Date: 2013-11-13

Eyesight should be saved by all people; I think nobody will argue on this, that’s why I buy different medicines to improve eyesight from time to time. One of the drugs for eyesight, which I ordered, was I-Caps by famous Novartis pharmaceutical giant. The consistence is highly rich: Lutein, A, E, C, B2 vitamins, zinc, selenium, magnesium and copper. Moreover, the content of these active substances in one pill frequently exceeds the daily recommended norm, well, maybe it should be so for effective treatment, and for example there is a 2 times daily dose of zinc, like 4-fould dose of E vitamin, 1.5 times dose of C vitamin.

There are 30 pills in the package, form of which allows swallowing them easily, because it is rather flat. I took a course; one can say there is an improvement on the verge of placebo that is the far sight has probably become a little sharper, but quite a little bit. I used to drink simpler and cheaper drug with similar content before, but there I really felt improvement of the process, while here it’s feebly. There are no side effects, and mediated effects, are positive so – possible. For example, zinc and E vitamin are useful for skin, magnesium is for nervous system and so on, and the consistence is rather serious. So I can’t say that I am not satisfied with this drug at all, but as it didn’t perform its main function – to improve sight for at least a little bit, I give it low mark and don’t recommend you buying this drug in order to improve sight.

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Active ingredients:

  1. Complex of vitamins and minerals
  2. Lutein

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  1. Uma 10 December 2013 :

    As for me, I`m not sure that pills can help to improve eyesight. I always thought that they are rather useless and only laser correction can be really helpful in this case or some exercises and drops.

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