Dental floss Oral-B essential floss

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Customer reviews: Dental floss Oral-B essential floss

Good floss which has a pleasant flavor and cleanses the teeth from taint

Author: Gail     Date: 2013-11-30
Author´s opinion:
I have never used dental flosses before. But recently dental problems started to appear. My dentist advised me to use dental floss after having a meal, when I have no opportunity to brush my teeth or to rinse the mouth. When I came to the pharmacy the range of choice surprised me a lot. As I had no experience in this, I decided to buy the product with a familiar name. As I had a tooth brush by oral-b, I decided to take oral-b essential floss with mint flavor. The package is very small so it is very comfortable to carry it in your bag or in the pocket. It is even difficult to believe that such a tiny box contains 50 meters of floss. I use ...