Cypress essential oil (Cupressus sempervirens)

Essential oil of a cypress is obtained after boiling water and steam distillation of escapes and plant needles. On the average, you may receiving 1 kg of qualitative essential oil process about 70 kg of raw materials. The essential oil received from fruits of a cypress, usually have poor quality.

Essential oil of a cypress – is  colourless or slightly greenish, fluid, with tart coniferous, is sweet – a balsam and a smoky smell, with rosin shades.

Medical influence
– antiedematous, lymphatic drainage, anti-inflammatory action
– normalizes arterial pressure
– eliminates intestinal and gastric spasms
– anesthetizes renal and hepatic gripes
– styptic properties
– eliminates bleeding of gums
– it is used for varicosity and hemorrhoids treatment
– strengthens walls of blood vessels
– eliminates hormonal problems during a climax
– effective anti-cellulite remedy
– promotes healing of burns
– improves blood circulation and  increases sexual activity at mature age (for those to whom for 50).

Psychoemotional influence
Eliminates irritability, mood differences, tearfulness, apathy, a depression and restores emotional balance. Promotes increase of concentration or attention.

Cosmetic use
– Ideal for sensitive skin or those inclined to reddenings and irritations, skin
– care of fat, porous skin
– it is used for acne treatment
– eliminates unpleasant smells of the body, reduces perspiration
– strengthens hair, reduces their loss
– normalizes work of sebaceous glands
– levels complexion.

It is applied to production
– creams, lotions, serums
– shampoos, hair balms
– lotions, creams for and after shaving
– the means reducing perspiration of feet
– deodorants
– gels, “tired foot” toners.

Other application
Eliminates unpleasant smells in rooms. It is used for production of deodorizing and anti-parasitic means for animals it may also eliminate a smell of a dog. Repellent (15 drops of essential oil on 50 g basic).

Recommended dosages of use
– cold inhalations of 1-2 drops (4-7 minutes)
– hot inhalations of 1-2 drops (4-6 minutes)
– massage mix – 5-6 drops on 10 g of transport oil
– enrichment of cosmetics – 3 drops on 5 grams of a basis
– bathtubs of 3-5 drops.

Precautionary measures and contraindications
– Before application of essential oil of a cypress it is obligatory to carry out a test for individual sensitivity.
– Essential oil is contraindicated during pregnancy, a mastopatiya, oncology, thrombophlebitis and increased coagulability of blood.
– When putting oil on skin burning, reddening and pricking within several minutes can be observed. This reaction is natural.
– This oil doesn’t possess phototoxicity.

Complementary aromas
Lavender, bergamot, sage, bigardiya, camomile, juniper, incense, sandal-wood tree, cedar, orange, lemon, rosemary, beat, a geranium, myrrh, not roles and patchoulis.

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