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Date: 2013-11-13

I am about to describe USB-hub, so-called USB splitter. This is such a gizmo, which is used for “multiplication” of computer USB-ports. Frequently, owners of laptops have a problem of lack of USB-ports, and I wasn’t the exception, as my laptop has only just three of them. And I have to link up much more devices in it, than it’s ready to accept. As a result, I had to connect them to computer in turns. I have three devices that are persistently working: keyboard, mouse and modem. Finally, to connect one more device, I constantly had to pull something out, so that to free place for a newcomer. The case ended the way that one of ports in my computer was to such extent “stunned” from constant interferences that it stopped finding the modem. In order not to bring the case to disaster, I’ve decided that I should urgently buy a splitter.

I didn’t have to think over the design of hub I wished, as I liked sister’s one, which definitely pushed me to the thought of having the same. I was enticed by the fact that this “rattle” has got four ports. Green, yellow, orange, red are – USBs and violet flower is intended to connect hub to computer with a cable.

Having bought this hub I’ve increased the amount of USB-ports exactly two times, from three to six.

Why I indicated unisex at “for whom” section? That’s because in spite of the fact that when men having seen the hub hurry up to make scornful faces, they say: “We don’t need such glamorous girls’ items”. But its maker has nevertheless reworked something in the hub: he allowed taking it into pieces in some kind of extended “sausage” by revolving the petals. I don’t think that this modification is aimed so to grape male part of population, it is most likely to be done for convenient exploitation of device, but nevertheless such modification should a little bit calm down those PC user that are skeptically treating funny computer “gadgets”.

In spite of attractive design, it still has got drawbacks: uneven joints at junctions of hub plastic details, some fragility of unit is felt when touching it, you become afraid not to break it. I would call the USB-cable worn out, it doesn’t give confidence at some parts as well. But the main point is that this gadget works and allows computer to identify all the devices through it, and this is the most important. After all, I won’t use hub to nail down nails.

I’ll repeat again that four ports of “the flower” are more than enough, one spare is still left. I have the keyboard, camera’s cable and cable for the phone linked up to other three.

Well, and summing up everything mentioned above I want to say that I am very pleased with my purchase. I lowered the mark for 1 point because of some carelessness of producing the goods. And as for working characteristics, then here I absolutely have no complaints to “the little flower”, as no problems appeared when working. Besides, its amusing design of colorful flower always makes me fun.
There is nothing bad all the same to please eyes with bright spot on the background of laptop’s black and gray case.

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