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Active ingredients:

  1. Chlorphenamine maleate

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Prescription required No
Attention decrement No
Alcohol tolerance Yes
Is this a supplement No

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  1. Chlor-Trimeton
Average Rating 8.0
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Good allergy reliever for adults only

Author: Lora J Dircz     Date: 2013-11-28
Author´s opinion:
I heard very interesting theory according to which all our diseases come from situations when we are offended. Being offended we get colds, sore throat, headaches, and surely last but not the least allergies. Due to producers, Chlorpheniramine in 12mg package relieves the symptoms of hay fever and various upper respiratory allergies. They also claim that it should be used after asking a doctor and use not more than 2 tablets per day. But when you consult your physician he/she can give you the dosage necessary and effective for you. If you have high blood pressure, lucky you are, because the remedy doesn’t raise ...