Bvlgari Exquise Body Lotion, Mon Jasmin Noir L’eau

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Customer reviews: Bvlgari Exquise Body Lotion, Mon Jasmin Noir L’eau

For jasmine lovers only

Author: Linda     Date: 2013-11-28
Author´s opinion:
I wonder what your favorite scent is. Mine is jasmine. Jasmine perfectly combines with most of other scents like tea, cedar, grapefruit etc. I like such combination and fortunately I have recently found one like this. I bought 3.4 ounce bottle of Jasmine noir two weeks ago and I was surprised with its strong smell of jasmine. I heard people saying about the notes of grapefruit in it, but personally I haven’t noticed any. Grapefruit is believed to give women their attractiveness and release their feminine energy, as well as jasmine does. On the whole, I used it while having shower in the morning because the aroma ...