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Date: 2013-11-07

I love sound of high-quality very much, and by that I don’t consider myself to be a music lover. This sound card was my first card of high-quality, bought many years ago, after that I had many other, including Nu Force Icon-2 at a price of 1000$, however after many years I returned to use this sound card again. I won’t list technical characteristics as you’ll find them without me on the manufacturer’s web-site or at any Internet shop. I’ll only say that it has a built-in amplifier, surely it’s not vacuum tube amplifier for big money, however it is there and it gives you an opportunity to listen to favorite music with any volume you need, personally I’ve never turned on more than 25%, because you can become deaf. In general, similar sound cards are called DAC or digital-to-analog converter, in this model DAC PCM 1792A, which converts digital sound to analog one on the level of 127dB is installed. Besides, transistors of Nichicon “Fine Gold” type are used in it.
By the way take into account the fact that this DAC should have a separate power supply, the capacity of the PCI slot isn’t enough. On the whole, the card gives some space for tuning; I am not keen on it, but reading professional newsgroups I got to know that you can substitute and upgrade quite a lot of components in this card. Well, we won’t talk about golden contacts as I don’t believe they really affect something.

Let’s get specifically to my personal impressions. This card is a measurement standard not only in my opinion, but according to all audiophile community, it is the happy medium and classics among DACs if you are beginner, than it’s exactly your choice, because with this card you can choose what you like and decide where to go further. At the moment its cost is very low, about 200$. You get so-to-say harmoniously created sound in all positions, there are normal basses both moving up and down and the middle sounds, nothing is distorted, you get right the sound that should be on average. By the way, it has very convenient controlling software, there are a lot of settings, even more effects, and it’s difficult to say what it doesn’t have. I have no censures for anything; I’m not going to change it for something else, because now I understand that I can get completely different quality of sound only on cards the cost of which is ten times higher and maybe I won’t be able to catch all the range of new sounds, so I decided to upgrade only my headphones, and not the sound card. All in all, I recommend it just as a first music lover’s card for beginners.

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  1. maxx 08 December 2013 :

    I do believe that this sound card is really not bad, but as for me, a real music lover it is rather weak. This month I`ve changed it on acer sound card and I can say that it is better. Is it easy to control it?

  2. Rokki 14 December 2013 :

    I should say that I had this sound card and it is rather easy and understandable in usage but I had some doubts as for the quality of sound.

  3. Habbri 18 December 2013 :

    My friends gave me this sound car and I can say that I`ve managed to understand how to control it very quickly and I don`t have any problems with it.

  4. Chris 28 January 2014 :

    I am using it as a main dac in my stereo, 2×250 rms system. Betters any dac, because of it’s low jitter 12s communication protocol, much better than usb, its antijiter clock, and the excellent analogue part, with shield for noise.

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