Steam humidifier Air-O-Swiss S450

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Customer reviews: Steam humidifier Air-O-Swiss S450

No complaints except high expenses on electricity

Author: James Montgomery     Date: 2013-11-07
Author´s opinion:
This big and powerful humidifier is placed in the main room. The humidifier works very loudly, it is of course a negative point, if you need silence — than the model isn’t certainly for you, as the level of noise is approximately the same as in boiling kettle, that is it’s heard all over apartment, you can get used to, but it’s difficult, it’s also impossible to diminish the power. It has got ECO mode, however it is a little deception, as it essentially lowers the desired moisture threshold, reaching which the humidifier turns off. The given model costs about 250$. We should notice that when it reaches the programmed ...