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Date: 2013-10-05

I first noticed this toy when I was pregnant. But I didn’t purchase it then – the price stopped me.

But when my son was about 8 months old, I acquired this evolving center all the same. That’s why I want to share some ideas with those who are hesitating: to buy or not to buy.

This toy presents a hanging panel (the straps are included). The panel has two stems as well, so, it can be put on the flat surface, the stems can be taken away. The panel has a blue and a green side. The blue one is for babies, the green one is for children from one to two years old.

There is a squeaking rubber ball (but the squeaker is too tight for a small child – it is impossible for him to press), a flower with a reverberating ball, a small mallet (the child should pull the ring and the mallet will produce a sound, but the ring is also rather tight), and also there is a shatterproof looking-glass, near which there is a propeller fastened. On the lower side of the propeller blades there are images which are reflected in the looking-glass. Having pressed a smiling face, the child will be praised with a melody (it plays for about 20 seconds) and with the sparkling of this face’s nose.

On the second side the child will find 4 little buttons with the images of musical instruments on them. A pressing on them activates a classical melody. And besides, all the buttons play the same melody, but it sounds by performance of different musical instruments (for instance, only of a violin or a trumpet – the instrument which is on the button). And the button with all the instruments will let you listen to this melody in performance of all instruments.

The little hands can be developed by twisting the cogwheels, they will rotate with crack. Besides, there are some small levers. Having touched them, the child will hear crack and shriek. A small lever also serves to develop logic and fine motor skills. Having removed it, the child will see how the red flower spins. A funny monkey leaps out of the window in the middle and laughs cheerfully.

The toy is bright, colourful and very solid. But, the best time for it is 8-9 month’, when the baby can seat well and has some strength and coordination in its little hands. The panel is nearly useless before 4-5 month’. The baby won’t be able to reach its elements if the panel is fixed to the side of the bed. Moreover, the baby will have to lie on its beam-ends, and it’s impossible for it to perform any manipulations with the opposite hand.

My son in his 8 months couldn’t understand one third of the functions and he couldn’t exercise the other third of them. I think the best age to play with this center is from one to two years old.

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