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Date: 2013-10-28

We got this toy as a gift from relatives when our son was a trifle over a year. I liked its functionality. But it is more like a piano than a farm (it’s only my opinion). We’ve got two more farms – Fisher Price and Kiddieland. To my mind, the farm is associated with mobile figures of animals. You can’t take out anything there. Nevertheless Chicco farm surpasses its opponents in everything else as for getting acquainted a baby with the animal world.

This farm is a small house with bulgy animals in its windows. There are numbers from one to ten underneath. There is a convenient handle on the top of it in order to carry the farm from place to place. The animals can speak two languages; you should push the button “sun” to change the language. There is also a volume control.

There are a lot of sounds in the toy. If you press an animal, it is named (for example, a brown dog or a pink pig) and then the sound of this animal is cried (bow-wow, oink-oink etc.). I don’t like that a colour of an animal is also mentioned as a baby don’t understand that “pink” is a characteristic of a pig and not a part of its name. It would be better to say: “It is a pig. It is pink”. In this case my two-year-old son thinks that a pig is called “a pink pig”.

Pressing a bear activates a melody (there are eight different melodies). The middle windows twinkle different colours when the tune is playing. The other bear is responsible for learning process. There are several modes. For example, it is necessary to find the animal which is named by a bear. The next mode is more complicated as one should find an animal who says, for example, yow-yow. It is more difficult to repeat the sequence, for example, “press a cow, a figure number two, a dog”. Every time the child succeeds, the toy praises him. If the child makes a mistake, it asks him to try once more.

The main disadvantage of the toy is its high price.

There is one more inconvenience with regard to farms of other brands. Chicco farm is almost uninteresting for children over three years (it was tested on my nephews). The child presses all the buttons quickly and the interest vanishes. If there were mobile animals, it would be possible to play in different ways. For example, a child would make the animals visit each other.

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