StriVectin AR Advanced Retinol Eye Treatment

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Customer reviews: StriVectin AR Advanced Retinol Eye Treatment

Removing dark areas around eyes quickly

Author: Kalina     Date: 2013-10-19
Author´s opinion:
I always try to take care of my health and skin, I am attentive to my face skin most of all. Eye treatment is rather important thing if you want to look great even in your 40th etc. The eye cream by StriVectin I’ve recently bought serves quite well for that purpose. I mean I tried it only two or three times a week and I got rather satisfying results. The makers claim the cream to be multifunctional, performing firming, hydrating as well as smoothing effects. I confirm that, as I feel my dark circles and redness disappeared completely. But I won’t advice you to make haste and buy this product. As it has some unwanted results ...