Palmaroza essential oil (Cymbopogon martinii)

Essential oil is obtained with water and steam distillation of fresh or dry leaves and Cymbopogon martinii inflorescences. Oil turns out colourless or with slightly noticeable yellowish shade and is described as an easy, fluid. Aroma of essential oil – Palmaroza is very soft, gentle, fruit-pink, coldish and candy, morning; reminds you of a geranium smell.

This essential oil is used by people long ago, mentions of it are even in the Bible.

Medical influence

– it is applied to care of bed ridden patients, improves moisture content of skin, heals ulcers or decubituses
– lymphatic drainage action
– antibacterial, fungicide properties
– increases visual acuity at loads of eyes
– normalizes arterial pressure, strengthens vessels
– optimizes work of digestive organs, eliminates spasms, dysbacteriosis
– normalizes menstrual cycle
– regulates metabolism, for people who need help to struggle with cellulitis and obesity.

Psychoemotional influence

– Increases concentration of attention
– Improves memory
– Eliminates fears, asteno-depression, nervous exhaustion and symptoms of chronic fatigue.

Cosmetic use

– Is suitable for care of any type of skin
– Refreshes, updates, moistens skin
– Improves appearance of skin, gives it a fresh, healthy look
– Eliminates inflammations, neurodermatitises
– Deodorizes skin
– Eliminates the increased sweating, normalizes a liposekretion.

It is applied to production

– Rejuvenating creams, serums
– Cosmetics for problem, fat skin
– Creams, lotions for complexion improvement
– Deodorants
– Regenerating ointments and creams.

Other application

Valuable component of perfumery. It was applied to tobacco aromatization earlier. Possesses repellent properties.

Recommended dosages of use

– The rinsings of 2-3 drops previously mixed with emulsifier (honey, salt, soda) on a water glass is effective
– To enrich cosmetics use 3 drops on 5 grams of basis
– For compresses on area of decubituses, trophic ulcers – 20 drops on 40 drops of basic oil (germs of wheat, black caraway seeds, a St. John’s Wort).

Precautionary measures and contraindications

Before use of essential oil Palmaroza it is necessary to check out your shipping options.

When drawing on skin essential oil Palmaroza can cause short-term feeling of pricking.

Doesn’t cause allergic reactions, irritation. Not toxically. Do not use this for pregnant mothers and breastfeeding moms as well.

Must be in a hermetically closed bottle, stored in a dark and cool place it can be stored till 5 years.

Complementary aromas

Bergamot, cedar, rose, geranium, ylang-ylang, citrus oils, sandal-wood tree, incense and resinoid of an oak moss.

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