Okay Jamaican Castor Oil

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Customer reviews: Okay Jamaican Castor Oil

My eyelashes liked this castor oil

Author: Gail     Date: 2013-10-13
Author´s opinion:
I am not big fan of castor oil at all. I won’t say that this is just my own decision to replace it with any other oils possible for growing of my eyelashes as it is shown through my experience using it. I’d better take lavender or some avocado oil etc, but not castor. At least I used to think so until I tried Okay Castor oil. Speaking honestly, the effect was really impressive as my eyelashes and brows began to grow and strengthen better. In instruction I also read that it works great for hair as well as it increases natural growth of thick hair, and for skin. The makers call it miracle oil because of its large list of healing ...