Middling drops that eliminate dryness, but not for long

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Medication:   Eye moistening drops Moisture Drops, Avizor
Category:   Eye Diseases
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Date: 2013-10-03

These are moistening eye drops with hyaluronic acid. I’ve already used similar drops earlier, and besides absolutely different ones. The best are Hylo-Comod, the German ones. These drops aren’t cheap as well, they cost 12 $ for a packaging. They seem to be produced in Israel. In the packaging there are 20 tubes for 20 days for one person.

The composition seems to be similar to the Hylo-Comod drops, but the effect is completely different. The eyes are really moistened, however, the moistening effect passes in an hour somehow. It means that the eyes are dry again in an hour and they need moistening.

The tube construction is worth a particular description. It’s a kind of pipette, it is completely plastic, you have to break off the cover on the top and to drip the needed quantity of the solution into your eye. However, it’s uncomfortable to dose, just because you can be easily mistaken and drip more than you need. There are about 8 drops of solution in the pipette, which means that you can drip only 4 times a day. It is very few and if you are mistaken for some times and drip more than needed, this packaging will be enough only for two times. All in all, it’s a very poor construction and the quantity of liquid is too low. You can even see that the tube is only 30% filled, they could have filled it half at least. Probably, it would be enough for one day, I’m not even talking about a complete filling of the tube. After you have dripped your eyes, you have to screw the cover back, it’s also unhygienic. In general, I’m dissatisfied with the drops, both with their quality and main characteristics and the packaging in which they are sold. I don’t recommend it, choose the drops with an auto sampler, it’s very convenient, as it always measures a drop precisely,it’s absolutely hygienic and can be kept for 3 months.

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Active ingredients:

  1. Sodium hyaluronate

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Prescription required No
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  1. Ophthalmic drops


  1. Avizor International

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  1. Windy 17 December 2013 :

    I have never heard about drops with hyaluronic acid! I know that It attracts moisture but I didn`t think that it can be applied on eyes.

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