How you can easily make melted water


How to How you can easily make melted water

There is so much written on use of melted water that there is simply no need for repetition. For me melted water is first of all purely clear water from which all harmful for organism admixtures are moved. The point lies only in how to make it easier. The need to watch the clock, to pour water off and into after some time intervals make me tired quickly, so I looked for the way how to make melted water as easy as possible. The method is very simple, it doesn’t have to measure the time and let make melted water using any refrigerator work mode.

You´ll need

  • Any kind of drinking water
  • Plastic container, which can be put into a freezer
  • Refrigerator or freezer
  • Hot running water


  • How to How you can easily make melted water

    Melted water can be made from simple drinking running water. However, if it’s possible to clean it before freezing in any accessible way, this is just a benefit. I pour the running water with a simple pitcher filter. If you completely don’t trust the running water, then you need to freeze boiled water.

  • How to How you can easily make melted water

    It is forbidden to use glass kitchen utensils as during water freezing it can be “burst”. It isn’t desirable to use metallic package as there is a chance that during freezing the metal may converge with water. It is better and much convenient to use plastic packages which are sold in household departments. In this case I am using a plastic container from ice-cream for freezing. So we pour the water into the plastic container and cover it with a lid.

  • How to How you can easily make melted water

    The package with water we put into a freezer. It is better to put a piece of a cardboard under the bottom of the package. It is difficult to determine how much time the freezing of the water in the package will take: the smaller your package is the quicker the water will be frozen. My plastic container of capacity of 1 litre freezes during 12-15 hours that is I put water for a night or a day. There is nothing bad if it will be in a freezer longer than needed (it is very convenient for people that work).

  • How to How you can easily make melted water

    When the water is fully frozen, we take the package out of the fridge, it looks more or less like this.

  • How to How you can easily make melted water

    We take the ice out of the form. To do this simply, you need to take the package upside down with its bottom under the jet of hot running water for a couple of seconds. Just like this looks the ice bar which we have just taken out of the container. We can clearly see that a muddy milky white liquid has gathered in the middle. One considers that it is filled with unhealthy combinations which freeze last. Our task is to get rid of this muddy midst.

  • How to How you can easily make melted water

    We turn the hot water on, put bar under it and wash out the white middle of the bar with a jet.

  • How to How you can easily make melted water

    That’s all, perhaps it’s time to stop.

  • How to How you can easily make melted water

    Look what a purely clear ice is left. This wonderfully beautiful ice convinces me that it’s worth doing the freezing so to drink such water. The only thing left is to melt it.

  • How to How you can easily make melted water

    The melting is better to be done in a room temperature. It is considered that melted water is especially active right after melting, so I am trying to drink at least a glass of just melted water.

  • How to How you can easily make melted water

    That’s all, further drink melted water as it is convenient for you, prepare tea, coffee, and meals using it. And the most important, be healthy!


  • Melting the water this way we surely wash out much more ice than there is in a white core. So sometimes it is more convenient to take not completely frozen ice out of a freezer and merely pour off unfrozen water from the middle of the bar, where various harmful compounds are collected. But this depends upon whether you have some free time or not.

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  1. Terry 13 January 2014 :

    The use of melted water is really well-known, but I’m not sure why it is better than boiled water? I mean, what benefits can it give?

  2. Zoe 13 January 2014 :

    Melted water is considered to be free from bacteria and dirt. It is very good because it is able to moisturize your skin from inside due to the fact that it can be absorbed by your skin easier than the usual water.

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