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Date: 2013-10-29

When I wanted to buy a lipstick I didn’t plan to buy one of a bright colour. Passing by the stall with Dior Extreme lipsticks, this “firework” attracted my attention. I stood for a while, turned the tube, made a line on the wrist… and bought. The lipstick is soft and smooth. I lay down it in three layers for an even bright surface and in two layers if I want more modest tint. The formula of the lipstick of this brand like other similar brands is rather good: four types of waxes, hyaluronic acid. The fragrance component is almost undistinguished.

It doesn’t fill the folds; but if you have a peeling on your lips, it will accentuate it. A pretty damp shine appears on your lips after laying down this lipstick. On the photo you can spot small spangles (shimmer) on the lipstick but you will feel nothing on the lips. The lipstick keeps about four hours or so, and then it disappears. But I should admit that I talk a little and seldom have a bite. However, relatively low durability of the lipstick is not a disadvantage for me as I can’t use long-lasting lipsticks – they dry up my lips mercilessly.

I am satisfied with this rather unexpected purchase.

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  1. klo 21 December 2013 :

    Recently I have heard that there are no women to whom red lipsticks would not be suitable. I think that this is the classic red color. Have you always used red lipstick or it is the first time?

  2. Alis 23 December 2013 :

    I agree that there are different tones of red lipstick that are suitable for different types of skin. As for me, I have never used red lipstick because none of the shades suit me.

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