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Date: 2013-10-10

We’ve got a lot of most different sorters. The musical drum Chicco is one of them. Our friends brought it when our son was about one year old. Having glanced at this sorter, I thought that maybe we shouldn’t even unpack it, as our house is full of various sorters. But my son had a cardinally different opinion, that’s why in a couple of minutes the baby was zealously exploring its new purchase.
I repeat: this sorter didn’t impress me at all. It really looks like a small drum by its form. Its sides are transparent. Inside there is room for small figures. There are three shapes in the set – a square, a triangle and a circle. They should be thrown through one of the sides in which there are special holes. Then you should remove the cover, get the shapes and afterwards the process can be continued. As there are only three shapes, you have to open and shut the cover very often. It is also so tight that my son couldn’t pick it up himself.

Besides, it’s too boring to throw such simple figures for a child elder than 1.5 year old. They need sorters with more complicated shapes – a trapeze, a rhombus, a heart, a flower, a sector, etc.
From the other side of the drum (where you can see a yellow face) there is a musical block. There are buttons, pressing on which the baby activates melodies. The drum produces a low sound that is perfect for the parents’ ears, but the baby doesn’t enjoy such a sound very much. A plastic mallet is attached to the drum. The baby can beat on the drum with it, producing a low sound. The drum was sold with the batteries and we made the first change (actually, the only one) in 7 months (but we used the drum just a little).

Also the drum can be rolled on the floor like a barrel. We had a special roller, so, we didn’t have to use the drum like this. That’s the reason why my son barely played with the drum. Only when I shoved it into his hands he could press the buttons quickly and throw the figures once. He never paid more than 5 minute attention to this toy.
And my son also tried to use the drum as a stool a couple of times. But it appeared to be uncomfortable.

Conclusion. If you have other musical toys and sorters at home, there is no need in the Chicco drum. It has no special functions.

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