Axe Shower Gel, Anarchy For Her- II

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Customer reviews: Axe Shower Gel, Anarchy For Her- II

Great cheering up effect

Author: Sheila     Date: 2013-10-12
Author´s opinion:
In spite of the fact that Axe is mostly known for their deodorants for men and strange ads(agree with me?) , we can’t but mention that Axe shower gel Anarchy for Her-II , which has recently appeared surely worth our attention. First of all because of its price, it costs something like 14 dollars and I don’t agree with the price at all. You know you can’t just pay for its refreshing citrus aroma, though it’s quite pleasant. The gel also contains apple and mandarin with some hint of jasmine, and when I used it I had skin irritation, as the producers didn’t mention these components a lot and I’m allergic to tangerines. The ...