A saturated colour and taste, exotics for reasonable money

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Category: Chocolate
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Date: 2013-10-21

This is the chocolate with a strawberry taste. And besides, it’s 70% strawberry and only 30% chocolate, as far as I understand. You can feel to its taste that it is really so. You feel like eating strawberry butter… Have you ever tried chocolate butter? And have you ever eaten strawberry? In this case you can imagine the taste of strawberry butter, even though it doesn’t exist. The taste is extremely rich, but you won’t eat too much, in order not to get indigestion.

Firstly, it’s a perfect present for a young girl: exotics, the red colour of chocolate, a bright glossy packaging, an incredible flavor and a new unexcelled taste. Wherein, the price is only a couple of dollars. At the reverse side of the packaging there are 2 recipes advising how to use this bar of chocolate in making a cake or a cocktail.

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  1. Mona 19 December 2013 :

    According to the description it seems to me that the chocolate is really tasty, but I`m not sure whether it is safe or not? I mean that it may contain colorants which are rather dangerous for the health?

  2. viki 25 December 2013 :

    I`ve tried this chocolate and I can`t say that it is something extraordinary and really tasty, but I am sure that it doesn`t contain artificial colorants.

  3. Buss 26 December 2013 :

    Nice to hear that, because my daughter loves strawberry chocolate and now I` am calm because it will do no harm to hear health.

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