How to make a Corkman named Vincent the Traveler


How to make a Corkman named Vincent the Traveler - это ты уже исправлял

“Wine is the nectar of the gods, the one who doesn’t love wine – don’t love life” – wrote one Greek philosopher. It is hard to disagree with him, wine (in moderatedose) is good for health, it strengthens veins and fills the body with vitamins. It also has a unique pleasant taste and incomparable aroma. Good wine, like fireworks, can cause a riot of taste, “playing” from one taste nuance to another. Many wine lovers leave corks from the bottlesas a memento, which contain the brand of wine and the start date of its production. Large number of corks accumulatesover time, uselessly gathering dust somewhere in containers. Someone makes corkpanel picture, key chains, stands, chairs or huge pictures, but basically all handiworksare just the location of corksin horizontal position as stands.Today I´ll acquaint you with the exclusive handicrafts – cork man. Cork man – Vince, got it’s name because of the inscription on the “hat”, a certain similarity with the famous painter Vincent van Gogh and, of course, thanks to the love forwine, because he permeated with wine spirit to the backbone. He gothis nickname “Traveller” for two reasons. First – his body parts are from the various wine brandcorks, which are created in different geographical latitudes. The second is that he repeatedly traveled with me.

You´ll need

  • 12 corksfrom wine bottles
  • 1 cork of cognac
  • few toothpicks


  • How to make a Corkman named Vincent the Traveler - это ты уже исправлял

    Let´s start with the feet. Place the first 2 corkshorizontally at the same distance, punching them with toothpicks about 0.5-1 cm from the center. Toothpicks should be inserted at an angle of 10-15 degrees – these manipulations will influence manikin’sfirmness. If you want manikinto stand firmly on its feet on a solid surface, make the lower part of the leg (grounding) thicker. I have done the opposite, Vince perfectly stands on a soft surface, say on the sofa, but doesnot stable enough on the table and may fall from the smallest bump.

  • How to make a Corkman named Vincent the Traveler - это ты уже исправлял

    Then it´s simple: connect corks, pierce them in the centerwith toothpicks. Remember, if a toothpick penetrated up to the middle of it´s length, it is difficult to pull it out, treated wood is slipper, to get a toothpick out of cork, use a pair of pliers. Choose preferably thick corks for “belly” and “breast”. Two central corks are the gravity center. Use a cork from cognac as the head – they are always has brim.Cut out hands from the cork with a knife.

  • How to make a Corkman named Vincent the Traveler - это ты уже исправлял

    What to do if the man is not standing? It depends on the shape and length of the corks. To increase stability, it is necessary tofocus on the center of gravity and legs. You can either place the feet together or rotate the feet, rotate the two central supports or add counterweight. I added the “barrel” on his back, as a decorative element, but it can be used as a counterweight when moving Vincent on different surfaces.

  • How to make a Corkman named Vincent the Traveler - это ты уже исправлял

    Tip: it is not necessary to pierce two central corks in the middle. Slightly shifting the piercing place from the center, you will be able to regulate the balance by rotating corks in opposite directions.


  • To bend his arms and legsplausibly, you need to insert a toothpicksat an angle. You can take them in hand and gently bend to the desired angle, the thin tree bends easily, the main thing is not to overdo it.
  • You can create a whole family, based on your own experience, add animals and plants to the composition. The end result depends on your imagination. Thanks for attention!

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