The taste is not the one everyone will love, it’s quite exotic

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Category: Chocolate
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Date: 2013-09-18

It is Japanese chocolate, when I was ordering from Japan, I chose many different chocolate bars at a time, because it was cheaper. The chocolate itself cost less than the delivery.

This chocolate includes raisins and liquor. It tastes like ordinary milk chocolate flavored with liquor, inside there is no filling at all and you won’t find any liquor there. I have a feeling that it’s a flavor in the chocolate itself, plus the scent, plus the raisins macerated in the liquor. Personally, I didn’t enjoy the taste, it’s too sharp, so is the scent. The taste is more like a spicy one that are used in small portions, for the taste only. You shouldn’t eat this chocolate like the ordinary one, especially if you have a weak stomach. Maybe, this chocolate is fine as a present, it looks and tastes rather exotic, but personally I wouldn’t take it for myself once again.

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  1. izabel 03 December 2013 :

    I consider chocolate from Japan rather suspicious, because the quality of the chocolate depends on the cocoa beans and I don`t think that they are well in Japan.

  2. Ritta 09 December 2013 :

    Yes, cognac, that`s for sure! I think that it should be forbidden for kids. But anyway they won`t like it, I think.

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