How to make an anti-aging mask of snail mucus (this is safe for snails)


How to make an anti-aging mask of snail mucus (it is safe for the snails)

For a long time snails have been of a great interest only for the naturalists and the experts in the Mediterranean cuisine. But nowadays the situation has cardinally changed, and both beauticians and pharmacists pay maximum of attention to snails. Though many centuries ago it was common knowledge that these mollusks were capable to cure some diseases and improve the skin condition. But this knowledge was undeservedly forgotten in the course of time. In the recent years, first of all due to the explorers from Japan and South Korea, snail mucus is widely used again. Creams, serums and masks are prepared of it. And in some beauty salons even the snail therapy seances are organized – some snails are put on a cleaned face and then you wait until they cover the skin with their mucus while crawling.

You´ll need

  • Snail (Achatina or a Burgundy one)
  • Water
  • Green clay


  • How to make an anti-aging mask of snail mucus (it is safe for the snails)

    We won’t put snails on the face to struggle against the age-related changes, like the Japanese women did. It would be much easier to make an anti-age mask of mucus. For this purpose one big (achatina) snail or two small Burgundy ones will be enough. The snails should be absolutely healthy and active, they should be fed with the natural vegetable food and they should be kept in respect to all the temperature and humidity conditions. Before collecting the mucus the snail should be carefully washed in cool water.

  • How to make an anti-aging mask of snail mucus (it is safe for the snails)

    While crawling a snail secretes its mucus, and, if it is stressed, also the mucous secretion in large amounts. It is nearly identical to the mucus by its composition. It means that, if we want to get enough of this unique and useful substance, we have to scare the snail, so that it starts secreting the slimy liquid when hiding inside its shell. We just have to collect this substance.

  • How to make an anti-aging mask of snail mucus (it is safe for the snails)

    Nowadays numerous cosmetics are made with the mucus of the snails. Having antibacterial, antioxidant and regenerating characteristics the mucus has a powerful anti-aging and revitalizing impact on the skin. Snail mucus includes such important for our skin substances as glycolic acid, allantoin, collagen, elastin, chitosan and A, C, E, B6 and B12 vitamins. Actually, all the mucus components are designed for the quickest regeneration of the shell or sole in case it is damaged. But the mucus secretion has a similar impact on the human skin as well – it regenerates, updates, moistens the skin, it also makes it flexible and heals small wounds and cracks. In addition, the snail mucus doesn’t cause allergic reactions, so even people with sensitive skin can use it. The beauticians unanimously claim that the snail mucus included into the creams and salves not only makes the skin look younger, but it is also effective for healing scars, bracings, acnes, warts and age spots.

  • How to make an anti-aging mask of snail mucus (it is safe for the snails)

    Half a teaspoon of the mucus will be enough to prepare a mask. The mucus is rather thick and sticky. Even being aware of its benefits, you are not eager at all to put pure mucus on your face.

  • How to make an anti-aging mask of snail mucus (it is safe for the snails)

    Add two teaspoons of water to the mucus.

  • How to make an anti-aging mask of snail mucus (it is safe for the snails)

    The mucus is poorly dissolved in the water, so you will have to spend some time mixing it intensively.

  • How to make an anti-aging mask of snail mucus (it is safe for the snails)

    As a result you have smooth jelly-like transparent mass.

  • How to make an anti-aging mask of snail mucus (it is safe for the snails)

    It is not even a liquid, but a single slimy wad, if you start to pour it, it gets from one volume to another without separating.

  • How to make an anti-aging mask of snail mucus (it is safe for the snails)

    Add some green clay (1 teaspoon) to improve the consistence of the mask and its additional microelement enrichment.

  • How to make an anti-aging mask of snail mucus (it is safe for the snails)

    Stir it all carefully. You need to get smooth consistence of the mask.

  • How to make an anti-aging mask of snail mucus (it is safe for the snails)

    Spread the mask with the snail mucus over the previously cleaned face and leave it for 15 minutes, after that wash it off with warm water.

  • How to make an anti-aging mask of snail mucus (it is safe for the snails)

    Soon after the single use of the mask skin becomes taut, fresh and velvety. It is desirable to apply the mask during a course of 10 procedures, twice or three times a week.


  • The anti-age mask with the snail mucus doesn’t last long and it should be used immediately after being prepared.
  • One snail can be used for the mucus collection as often as twice a day only.

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  1. Jina 30 January 2014 :

    Oh, I am very surprised, because I haven`t heard about such an unusual mask! Especially the fact that snail`s mucus can be used as an anti-aging agent! Is it really worth trying?

  2. Pamela 31 January 2014 :

    A few years ago when I was in Japan I tried this mask in one of the spa centers and it coasted 100 dollars!

  3. Kati 01 February 2014 :

    Really? That is pretty expensive. And what was the effect of this mask?

  4. Pamela 02 February 2014 :

    Well, it is said to remove dead cells and to cause lifting effect, but I did it just once, so I can`t say for sure about the effect. The only thing I noticed that my skin became softer.

  5. Sally 04 February 2014 :

    And how this procedure was done? I`ve heard that sometimes snails are put on the face for a half of an hour, and as they are moving, they are producing mucus.

  6. Alis 12 February 2014 :

    Yes, the same procedure was done to me. It was even pleasant if not to think that it is a snail on your face.

  7. Jhoann 14 February 2014 :

    As for me it is rather disgusting, because I can`t imagine that snail is on your face and what to do next? How to remove mucus?

  8. Alis 16 February 2014 :

    That is rather easy, after the procedure I used lotion for cleansing and that was enough to remove the mucus. I think that recipe with the ready taken mucus is better, because you are mixing all the ingredients and the mask doesn`t look unpleasant.

  9. Greta 22 February 2014 :

    Yes, I agree with that, but still it is a bit strange for me. But anyway it should be worth trying because it seems to be rather effective in struggle against wrinkles.

  10. Alis 23 February 2014 :

    Your skin becomes moisturized and smooth. I had some problems with acne and pimples and this mask helped me a lot.

  11. Gava 25 February 2014 :

    Can the snail mucus be sold in pharmacy or stores? Maybe it is better to buy it and not to torture the snail?

  12. Yokko 28 February 2014 :

    I have never heard anything about it and anyway I think that it is better to receive mucus from the snail at home. It is cheaper and you know for sure that it is real mucus.

  13. passionfruit 01 March 2014 :

    Oh, and to have snail at home is cheaper than a visit to the spa. You can make this mask as often as you want too. By the way, is it okay to apply it often?

  14. Mark 02 March 2014 :

    I guess it is safe, because it can`t be harmful for you. Mucus is very tender and it is great for sensitive skin, imposed to allergies.

  15. emmi 15 March 2014 :

    I`m using this mask for about a year. I have my own snail and it helps me to look great. At the beginning it was rather disgusting and strange, but then I got used to it and it doesn`t seem awful anymore.

  16. Jolly 20 March 2014 :

    What kind of effect did you receive? Did you notice that your wrinkles disappeared?

  17. Emmy 24 March 2014 :

    Yes, I did. In fact, after two months of systematic application, small wrinkles disappeared. My skin looked younger and fresh. Even my friends noticed it.

  18. Lolo 30 March 2014 :

    That is in interesting fact. In the recipe of this mask green clay is added and it is really nice because it is also good for skin.

  19. Anh 17 April 2014 :

    I am curious about how to make face cream from snail slime? Is there any available formula on the internet? Would anyone help me? Thank you very much?

  20. Anh, You can add snail mucus to a handmade cream at the last stage of creation along with an active ingredients. Just be sure to add a reliable preservative, this is important point.

  21. Anh 19 April 2014 :

    Dear Mam Maria
    How Can I know that the ingredients that I add to make face cream fit with snail mucus? Please help me

  22. Snail’ mucus is effectively combines with almost any cosmetic ingredients. But to make your cream more efficient, you have to diminish the amount of all the rest ingredients and increase the amount of snail’ mucus for up to 3-5%.

  23. emmi 22 April 2014 :

    Yes, it is nourishing and at the same time it is able to remove irritation or allergy. This mask is mostly prescribed to those who have sensitive skin.

  24. Nicol 24 April 2014 :

    That is true, because I had allergy and my beautician advised me to try this mask. Allergic reaction was reduced but not fully removed, maybe I should continue to apply this mask.

  25. Anh 01 May 2014 :

    Dear Mam Maria
    If the snail mucus is not pure how could I purify it? Please help me

  26. Hi Anh.
    To avoid problems with mucus clearing, just wash a snail thoroughly before collecting of slime to remove all dirt and the substrate particles.

  27. Anh 11 May 2014 :

    Maria, Dear Mam Maria
    Can I add ginger oil to prevent bacteria?

  28. Hi Anh, ginger oil is not a safe preservative, you have to use reliable one. You can add ginger oil if you want, but it will not help you against bacteria.

  29. Anh 13 May 2014 :

    Dear Mam Maria,
    What Can I add to against bacteria?
    How do I preserve this “anti-aging mask”? And what is the expired date for this mask Mam?
    Thank you very much!

  30. Hi! There is one point you should know, snail’s mucus lose its beneficial properties with time. You can add any common preservative accepted in handmade cosmetics, but you will get useless mask after 24-48 hours in any case. So, there is no big deal for using preservatives in this recipe, because this mask should be applied within 24-48 hours after creation.


    You can keep it in fridge for 48 hours without any preservative. But it is desirable to use it in 24 hours.

  31. Jasmina 15 May 2014 :

    so, Maria, there is no way of storing mask/cream with snail mucus? only to be used immediately?

  32. Anh 17 May 2014 :

    Dear Mam Maria
    Could you please post more homemade recipes of snail mucus. I am so interested about this

  33. Hi Jasmina, you can store it for a very long time by freezing it in any molds you have. When you will need, you can just take one ice-cube and use it. But in that case, you’ll have no guarantee of saving its beneficial properties.


    Ok Anh, i’ll try to make one more recipe.

  34. jasmina 18 May 2014 :

    emmi, Emmi, tell me more about keeping your own snail. what do you feed it with? where do you keep it? some form of terrarium? how do you collect mucus….?

  35. Anh 21 May 2014 :

    Dear Mam Maria
    Do I get dark because of the Sun when I apply this mask on my face? Is it effected by the Sun, Mam?

  36. Hi, Anh. The mask itself can’t get dark if it was created properly. And of course, it is not allowed of using the mask (like any other mask) under the direct sunlight.

  37. Anh 21 May 2014 :

    Dear Mam Maria
    I mean during the time I use the mask, I use the mask 3 times a week and during the week, Do I get dark when I go out?

  38. Hi Anh, this mask can’t color a skin, it just has no coloring agent in its composition. What kind of clay do you use?

  39. Anh 22 May 2014 :

    Dear Mam Maria
    I use green clay. How many times should I apply the mask on my face in a week?

  40. Hi Anh, i mean not color but purpose of that clay, if you bought the cosmetic clay in a pharmacy, it can’t color a skin. Any other kinds – no guarantees, because nobody tested them. The second possibility is an allergy, you have to discontinue the usage of that mask and visit your physician to perform an allergy tests for clay and snail mucus. If you have no allergy, you can apply such a mask 2 times per week.

  41. Anh 23 May 2014 :

    Dear Mam Maria
    Thank you very much. I have been applying this mask already and I have not gotten any allergy on my face. I am looking forward seeing another recipe made with snail mucus.

  42. Oc Dat 23 May 2014 :

    Who has used this, please leave some comments.

  43. Anh 25 May 2014 :

    Dear Mam Maria
    What type of skin fits for this mask? Does oily skin fit the mask?

  44. Hi Anh, this mask is suitable for any type of healthy skin, free of any skin deseases.

  45. Anh 28 May 2014 :

    Dear Mam Maria
    Can I add snail mucus into this recipe:


    1/2 cup unripe papaya, diced
    1 teaspoon plain yogurt
    1 teaspoon honey


    This recipe I took from

  46. Hi Anh, the recipe you refers to is highly-charged by itself, so i don’t recommend to put more ingredients in it. You can merely use these two recipes by turns, it would be better indeed.

  47. Anh 30 May 2014 :

    Dear Mam Maria
    I hope that you could post another face cream of snail mucus. I would like to try

  48. Anh 03 July 2014 :

    Dear Mam Maria
    Is there any other way to preserve snail mucus? I want to preserve the snail mucus longer time. I am trying to make cosmetics now and I have to keep it inside the fridge.

  49. Hi Anh, you can try to freeze snail mucus, this will keep it from spoiling, but most likely it will lost its beneficial properties.

  50. Anh 13 August 2014 :

    Dear Mam Maria
    Could you tell me what preservative should I use to preserve snail mucus from losing its properties. I am making cosmetics and I don’t know what preservative I should use. Thanks Mam Maria

  51. Hi, for this recipe you can use any preservatives allowed for children’s cosmetic.

  52. Anh 18 October 2014 :

    Dear Mam Maria
    Could you please help me with a recipe for whitening face cream with snail mucus. I am looking for a recipe with all shea butter, cacao butter…
    Please help me

  53. Maria 20 October 2014 :

    Skin lightening ingredients are very aggressive not only for skin (by bleaching it), but for the other ingredients of the cream. Thereby, if you combine bleaching agents (usually acid) and snail mucus, the active components of mucus most likely to lose its beneficial properties. That is why better to use bleaching creams first and only then to use cream with snail’s slime for the restoration of skin.

  54. Anh 21 October 2014 :

    Thank you very much Mam. I understand now. I will produce 2 different creams.
    May I ask one more question please. If I boil the snail mucus to 60 degree Celsius. Will it lose its beneficial properties?

  55. Maria 21 October 2014 :

    Snails themselves are nontolerant to heat, they are active at night and may even hibernate during the heat. Therefore, the active components of mucus are usable at 25-30 Celsius. Heating up would definitely destroy the active components of mucus, so it is advisable to put it in at the end of the manufacturing process, when the emulsion has cooled down to room temperature.

  56. Sarah 29 October 2014 :

    I was wondering whether the snail I use must be the two kinds that you listed? Will a garden snail be ok? I live in Australia so it is relatively clean here.
    Many thanks.

  57. aira 18 February 2015 :

    where can i buy some green clay?

  58. aira 19 February 2015 :

    can you use pond snails as an alternative?

  59. Maria 24 February 2015 :

    Cite: aira
    18 February 2015
    where can i buy some green clay?

    On ebay for example

  60. Maria 24 February 2015 :

    Cite: aira
    19 February 2015
    can you use pond snails as an alternative?

    Don’t use pond snails, i never heard about usefulness of their mucus.

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