It’s complete trash, and I had great expectations about it

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Date: 2013-09-29

I’ve got a reflex camera Nikon D3200, it doesn’t have a swivel screen, but I produce the sight only from the screen. I don’t understand those who do it with a viewfinder, because it’s terribly inconvenient. So, the screen isn’t a swivel one, and it’s a major problem, as you have to bend and spend too much time in unnatural positions, especially when you need to press the trigger with your hand. All these problems emerge when working with a tripod, the remote isn’t applied in manual modes, so I don’t even consider them.

So, I’ve bought this remote thinking that with it I would get rid of a part of the problems and I wouldn’t have to strain my arm at least. I also hoped that it would be possible to move under the camera screen completely to look at it at the right angle and just to click on the button on the remote in this position. The reality turned out to be severe. First of all, the remote only works from a close distance (one meter would be perfect), hereinafter frequent gaps are possible. But the most important thing is that the remote only works when it’s situated directly in front of the camera, when the signal receiver is directly in sight, and it just doesn’t work back or behind. As far as you understand, the camera screen is behind and the photographer is always behind too, that’s why the remote turned out to be useless for me. I regret having spent the money. I think it is more convenient to use it mostly in a studio, it will scarcely be useful under other circumstances.

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