It doesn`t seem to be a chocolate at all! You have never tried such a thing!

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Category: Chocolate
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Date: 2013-09-02

This chocolate is sold only in the internal market of Japan, but if you want you can get it without visiting and I did so. This chocolate contains a big amount of green tea Matcha, it has natural color and it wasn`t painted green. When I tried it for the first time the flavor was incredible and I haven`t felt the taste of chocolate at all. The whole range of tastes is created by notes of green tea, the taste is very strong, full-bodied, slightly astringent. The chocolate tones up greatly, so keep in mind the fact that you cannot eat the whole chocolate bar at a time.
It is a perfect present, unique and unusual. Any person will be glad to receive it even if he doesn`t going to keep it. However it costs only a few dollars but the sending from Japan will cost you more, so it is better to order a dozen of different exotic chocolates and you will save a sum of money on the transfer.

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  1. Victor 05 December 2013 :

    Unfortunately the color is not appetizing at all. But it is interesting to try such a thing, because it is rather unusual. I wonder, is it beneficial for health?

  2. Laric 15 December 2013 :

    I guess that it is beneficial. Because green tea is rather useful and nourishing, so in combination with chocolate it will be really interesting!

  3. Elizabet 20 December 2013 :

    Well, I don`t think that it can be nourishing, because while being mixed with chocolate, green tea could have lost it`s qualities and it just gives the color to the chocolate bar.

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