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Our cat has problems with its teeth – it suffers from odontolith and its jaws inflame, that’s why we regularly see the vet. And of course, neither the cat nor I like it. During our last visit to the doctor I asked her if something could be done to avoid the odontolith. And she offered me to take a packaging of the Hill’s feeding, which was elaborated specially for the animals with similar problems. It was a promotional packet, that’s why I paid nothing for it.

Having read the instruction I got inspired, of course, and I gave the cat its new feeding. And my cat … just started playing with it. The pieces of the feeding are rather big. It is the size and the special structure that are supposed to clean the teeth while chewing. But the cat doesn’t treat the feeding of such a size as food, but as a toy. The second photo shows how big the Hill’s granules are in comparison with our usual feeding. If you soak this feeding, the cat will eat it. But there is no healing effect from the soft feeding, it is even mentioned in the instruction.

That’s why such a feeding is useless in our case. I was lucky to get just a small free packet of it.

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  1. Uma 15 December 2013 :

    I had the same problem with my cat. He refused to chew the granules and was tossing them all the time, but in a few days I`ve noticed that he is trying to chew them, so maybe it depends on the cat`s character!))

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