How to install a window opening restrictor


How to install a check (comb) on a plastic window

A typical plastic window is very tight which is perfect in keeping rain out but most homes need a window open to improve ventilation. You may never need to open the window completely only partially since this could be very dangerous especially when you live in an apartment building. Pets as well as children may play or peek near the window and fall out. You need to improve the ventilation inside a room but you must also consider a safe alternative. A suitable remedy is a window opening restrictor or what homeowners call a window comb. On the photo you can see the restrictor in action. The principle behind the restrictor is very simple; it has several grooves where you can place a pivot thus fixing a window in the chosen position. It restricts the movement of a child or a pet to an open window when the restrictor is placed in a certain position. There are different kinds of restrictors for windows but the most efficient has special locks for each groove which will make the pivot be fixed in the position and resistant to movement. This article will help you install such a restrictor. This is also easy to set-up and it will take you only less than 5 minutes; you don’t need to consider hiring a contractor to help you out since it is really very easy. This restrictor is very simple and it only costs about $1; installation on the other hand may cost you $20 so why not just install this safety device yourself using this DIY?

You´ll need

  • Window opening restrictor
  • Drill with very thin boring bit
  • A screwdriver
  • Pencil or pen
  • Only five minutes of your time


  • How to install a check (comb) on a plastic window

    Take a screwdriver and restrictor which usually consists of three parts. You can see these parts on the photo.

  • How to install a check (comb) on a plastic window

    This photo also shows that a third part of the restrictor which lies in the middle. This is sleeve of restrictor.

  • How to install a check (comb) on a plastic window

    Take a drill with a thin drill bit. You need this to drill a few holes on the window so you can drive in screws easily. Without these holes you will hardly be able to completely tighten the screws and will only damage your window. Do not be afraid to damage the plastic while drilling, it will carry this out without problem.

  • How to install a check (comb) on a plastic window

    Let us begin to install the restrictor on this window.

  • How to install a check (comb) on a plastic window

    Move the plug by rotating it as show in the image. This is done in all plastic windows, the plug must be rotated this way. To turn, you need to bend at the edge. I did it with nails. Plug has special micro groove specially made for these purposes. Then you can rotate plug. After that, remove 2 bolts holding the handle by means of screwdriver.

  • How to install a check (comb) on a plastic window

    Unscrew the bolts and remove the handle. Don’t forget in what a position was the handle before you removed it, because you’ll need to return it back exactly in the same position. It’s better to fix the handle in the open position (handle will be at the right angle) to avoid confusing. After that, unscrew the bolts and remove the handle.

  • How to install a check (comb) on a plastic window

    Place the metal bracket of the restrictor, which is securing under the handle of the window. All the plastic windows’ handles are secured the same way, so the bracket is suitable for any window and any handle. If the bracket fits well, then you just need to place the handle at the exact position (but right on the bracket) as it was before demounting. Now as you can see, the metal bracket is under the handle and is firmly held in place by the handle.

  • How to install a check (comb) on a plastic window

    Then you need to apply the restrictor on window and try this on the pivot of bracket as shown at picture. After the fitting, use a pencil and draw two points inside the mounting frame of the restrictor (i mean frame where you’ll attach the screws). Then you need temporary remove the frame and drill 2 holes using a drill with a thin boring bit (diameter must be enough for fitting your screws), you need to make holes exact on marks which you made by a pencil earlier. You don’t need to make a deep holes, 1 inch (2-3 cm) will be enough. Then you put the restrictor in his place by attaching it to the holes (which you have just made) and fasten with screws. Now your window ventilation is ready and most of all you don’t need to worry about the safely of your pets and children.


  • It is possible to complete this installation without a drill, but there is a huge possibility for screws to go unevenly. Preliminarily made holes guarantees the accuracy of the self-tapping screws, you’ll be sure that they are installed at the right angle.

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  1. Linda 12 September 2013 :

    It’s a very useful instruction, especially for those who have small kids. I’m afraid I won’t manage to do it myself, but I hope my husband will cope with it

  2. Trixi 21 September 2013 :

    I agree with you, this work is definitively not for a woman, but still, this device is worth installing.

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