How to make a makeup blush


How to create a makeup blush

This is the ideal way to apply makeup blush; this technique is from nature and it will be revealed in this article. If you were to search online for the best technique on how to apply blush then you will surely be impressed of the results; there are over a million ways to actually apply makeup. You may find sites that teach you how to apply blush with the use of a small sponge or with a brush as well as applying it from the middle of the face along the cheekbones to the ears, or vice versa. Leave all these tricks for those who live by the rules. I like to break rules a bit sometimes. I am not in vain referred to the Mother Nature in the beginning of the article. The best blush – it’s blush which light frost draws on our face. Even the most tired and exhausted face after a light frost will never reveal a tired and sleepy woman. For this technique, I will not use a blush but rather I use a regular lipstick which is not being used anymore or an unsuitable lipstick color. Yes, you got it right, I use unloved lipstick. Who hasn’t made ​​mistakes in the choice of lipstick color? So don’t throw away this lipstick; this may be the ideal alternative to recycle your unwanted lipstick.

You´ll need

  • A tube of lipstick that you do not use anymore


  • How to create a makeup blush

    The first step is to look at how you smile in a mirror; this will guide you on where to apply your blush. We will emphasize the areas on cheekbones, which are jerked up during the smile. The shade that I will be using is a pink lipstick with a rich pearl. I like this color since it is very delicate and very natural. I also liked the natural mother-of-pearl glow that also makes the face glow.

  • How to create a makeup blush

    This step is very important; to narrow down the face outline, draw a strip at the middle of the cheek just below the cheekbone. This strip must be on the middle of the face towards the ear.

  • How to create a makeup blush

    …shade the area with blush. An important tip in shading with blush is that you should consider the outline of your face and of course the effect that you want to achieve with your makeup.

  • How to create a makeup blush

    To accentuate the face with this technique, you also need to pay attention to your chin. Draw a small circle on the most jut out area of your chin using the lipstick and then shade with your fingers.

  • How to create a makeup blush

    Would you like to have a dimple or accentuate the one you already have? Then you can draw a longitudinal line. If you want to achieve a prominent chin, accentuate the hollow part of the chin by drawing a transverse line under the underlip.

  • How to create a makeup blush

    Don’t forget to shade the line.

  • How to create a makeup blush

    From the chin, you need to work your makeup blush to the nose.

  • How to create a makeup blush

    If your lipstick has a bold color, be careful not to transform your makeup into war paint. Place a layer of lipstick on the nose. Check out the photos, notice that I love to apply paint as generously as I can.

  • How to create a makeup blush

    Distribute the lipstick carefully to downwards by shading sharp color borders, making it more resembling to the flesh color.

  • How to create a makeup blush

    Finally, your earlobe. If you wear your hair up then the effect of a rosy ear is easily noticed so you must emphasize this as well.

  • How to create a makeup blush

    If you are like me and you simply do not use makeup to mask your face then this technique can work for you. I do not have perfect skin, I have many skin imperfections like large and deep pores, acne and pimples, however i think most of women are faced with such a predicaments. I prefer semi-transparent means with a tone effect. I use this technique with lipstick-blush to accentuate areas or successfully distract the eye from poor areas of my face. Remember, you use makeup not for others but for yourself. When you feel more confident about yourself then you are likely to accomplish more in life.


  • The most horrible look that you have is when you wake up in the morning but with the use of these techniques you will be able to totally improve your appearance and gain confidence in anything you will do for the day. These are all very simple and are easy to learn; you will gain the look that you have always dreamed of and make your look more interesting as well.

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  1. Kelly 16 October 2013 :

    The final photo looks very nice, even though the previous ones are a bit funny. I think such a makeup is easy to make at home instead of going to beauty salons.

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