How to install a wind deflectors on a car


How to install a visor (side window deflectors) on a car

This step by step instruction will describe how to install a car wind deflectors. This process of installation will go without any special fixtures. You don’t need anything to use for this procedure (no glue, no adhesive tape, no special bindings, no disassemble of door), only the wind deflectors itself. Car wind deflectors are used to reduce the flow of air that flows inside the car with the windows are open. They are also protects the driver from the rain and from pebbles which could potentially hit the driver and passenger. I consider wind deflectors are an important accessory, however it is not included when you purchase a new car.

You´ll need

  • A car wind deflectors
  • Only 15 minutes to install


  • How to install a visor (side window deflectors) on a car

    You don’t need any special preparations for your car as you install this wind deflectors. Completely lower the glass down and pull out of the door a weather strip, this is a sealing rubber tape, when you close the side glass, it goes into that tape.

  • How to install a visor (side window deflectors) on a car

    Take out a rubber strip along the full length of top window part. Then take out a bit of rubber strip from the side part of window as shown on picture. Don’t take out the tape from the bottom part of window.

  • How to install a visor (side window deflectors) on a car

    Attach the wind deflector in place with one hand and the other hand at this time begin to install the rubber strip back into the place, starting from the side part of the window, where it should pass easily.

  • How to install a visor (side window deflectors) on a car

    Afterwards, install the tape on the top, starting from the mirror part of window. Manufacturers recommend this technique since they know their products better.

  • How to install a visor (side window deflectors) on a car

    The tape will not go back as easily as it was taken out, because you’re trying to put it back in place where now the deflector is located. Wind deflector is occupied some space, so you’ll have to apply some force to put the rubber strip back. But don’t worry, it’s ok, when you’re done, the deflector will be well fastened in place by the rubber strip.

  • How to install a visor (side window deflectors) on a car

    Finally, insert the rubber strip into the top corner of the car door. This is usually the technique that the manufacturer recommends. Most of all, ensure that the strip is not twisted when you install it back, because the glass can’t be closed in that case. Just keep it evenly all the time and watch that it does not bent.

  • How to install a visor (side window deflectors) on a car

    Close and open the car window at least 20 times after fully installing the wind deflector, this will ensure that the rubber strip is run in with the glass and deflector. If you find that the glass window does not close fully, you need to wait for a couple of weeks before it actually closes completely. Use the window regularly during this time so that it will increase the binding of the strip to the glass and will allow the window to completely close.

  • How to install a visor (side window deflectors) on a car

    If you intend to install a rear wind deflector, this process is pretty much easier compared to installing deflector on the front windows. The rubber tape is taken out along the straight line of the top of the window. Then you need to attach the wind deflector as it was described earlier and easily put the straight rubber strip back in place. Therefore, you will not experience any problems with installing the rear wind deflectors.


  • Check your car’s door tape before the start of an installation process. If your car is old then you obviously need to replace the rubber strip with a new one before you install these deflectors. Otherwise if you ignore this, the rubber strip will collapse in your hands, because during the installation process you need to apply force in some of the steps.

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  1. Marissa 05 December 2013 :

    It sounds to be rather easy, but I am not sure that my husband can do it by himself. What to do if he doesn`t manage to fix it?

  2. Pol Star 09 December 2013 :

    Trust your husband and don`t worry, because men can do such things better than women and he will definitely find out how to cope with it.

  3. tinytreats 12 December 2013 :

    I did it by myself without any help, so I think that there is nothing difficult in this process.

  4. raccoon 21 December 2013 :

    In case if your husband will not manage to do it, you can consult the mechanic and ask him to do it, anyway. Nowadays it is not a problem.

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