Dubai metro: description, photos, how to use it. Tips of a tourist.

Dubai metro – is very convenient, comfortable and fast way of moving around the city. This type of transport is quite worthy to take a ride just for excursion. Dubai subway is fully automated, trains run precisely according to the schedule without engine drivers at intervals of about 10 minutes. Dubai metro has both above ground and underground parts with the first occupying the leading position by its length. At the moment two subway lines are used – Red and Green. The fare depends on the distance of your trip and on the class of the car. Thus the cost of travel in a business class is exactly 2 times higher than in an ordinary car. This car is in front of the train, provided with comfortable leather armchairs and carpets, from the end of the car a watcher can see remarkable sights of the Dubai city and the road along which the train is moving. All subway cars are provided with air conditioning. Personally, I was impressed by the fact that the air conditioners work not only inside a train but also in underground stations, as well as in underground transfer corridors. Underground premises are entirely heat-insulated. Transition from a hot street in a cool premise of a station gives great pleasure and enjoyment – you absolutely don’t want to leave from here. It is always clean and fine, and order is maintained in here.

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In spite of the stiff penalties system for administrative infractions in the Dubai metro, the subway administration patronizes and acts with sympathy to minor offences. For instance, travel of inappropriate passengers’ category to the class of the car is excluded. Thus, for example, many women (not local, mostly labor migrants or tourists) go in general-type car, though “car for ladies and children” is provided for them, especially during the rush hours. If your child accidentally presses the big red button of the call, you should know that such pleasure could theoretically be very high for your wallet of 2000 UAE dirham per each call. One Russian family had such an incident, when their baby pressed the big red button three times at a time, and what is more didn’t react after he was given the first remark. Nothing happened to this family. The mother had to apologize in English at the radio twice and take the child from the button.

I think that if the child repeated the prank even one more time, the whole family would surely just be disembarked from the train and the mood of them all would be greatly spoiled by the amount of the fine till the end of the week. So I would highly recommend not testing the patience of the locals.

In Dubai metro, as in any other type of public transport, you almost can’t meet indigenous local people, UAE citizens are possible to meet very rarely. They prefer either personal vehicles or taxis. Dubai subway – is transport for labor migrants and tourists, especially if we consider that the majority of the Dubai residents (approximately 80%) are labor migrants.


Guest reviews on the Internet about Dubai metro were mostly solely filled with positive emotions. The main tip for the arriving tourists: if you want to move around the city quickly, comfortably and cheaply over long distances, and without traffic jams, then combine a trip on the subway and a taxi trip. If you want to stand on all the traffic lights for 10 – 15 minutes and pay for delays in a taxi, especially during rush hours – it’s your right.

Dubai metro runs daily from six in the morning until midnight, only on Friday the subway is opened from 01:00p.m, not in the morning. Just keep in mind that at 01:00p.m the subway trains start moving from the railway sheds, disposed at the terminal stations, therefore it takes them some time to reach specifically your station. Accordingly, on the contrary, when the metro stops moving, the last subway train should stop in the railway shed at 00:00p.m. So if you came to the station, as we, in 11:40p.m there is no guarantee that you would be able to come to the final station of your root, as the last train could have passed by long before. At the same time bus lines of the city are open up to 01:00a.m.

Underground stations are equipped with the latest technology, the screens display the waiting time before the arrival of the train. Some subway stations have historical themes of interior decoration and are rather interesting to visit. On the walls of the station you can see the old photos, telling about the way of life and everyday work of local residents. At one of the subway stations there are stands of blood brother towns, but for some reason they are called “Sisters”. I loved chandeliers made in the shape of a jellyfish.

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Now a few words as for the fare in Dubai subway. Despite the large amount of information heard regarding the fare of public transport in Dubai, I could not really understand what way the payment is done. I had to get it in practice.At once I want to give you a piece of advice that if you plan to move around the city on your own to visit shopping centres or major attractions, then you just need to purchase a silver card “Silver Nol”, which is valid not only for travel in the Dubai metro, but also for unlimited travel within the city ends on any kind of city’s public transport (except taxi).It costs 20 UAE dirham. It can be bought at any subway station from the cash keeper.

On the card account balance there is initially 14 UAE dirham. This sum equals to the daily limit. It doesn’t matter how much you would move around the city, you won’t be able to spend more than 14 UAE dirham. Each time before entering the metro (bus) terminal reads and displays the cash balance on the balance of your card, before leaving the subway (bus) an amount equal to the cost of fare on the distance travelled is automatically withdrawn from the balance of your card. When reaching zero or negative values during the day the card balance is reset to zero, fare in any type of public transport will be free until the end of the day. For replenishment of the card you need to find an account replenishment machine to insert the card, to choose the appropriate menu item (for example, completion with the sum of 10 UAE dirham) and put a 10 dirham bill into a slot machine for banknotes. As a rule, the machine takes not only paper money but also coins. My tip: first look how other passengers replenish their cards and only after that insert your card. Take into account that the slot for the card may not work right away, so don’t hurry, don’t worry, it may take several times to remove and re-insert the card into the slot.

If you want to visit the metro once purely for excursion, it will make sense if you purchase a single ticket (“Red Nol”) and go precisely 1 stop.

Just like this is my tourist’s review about the Dubai metro (Arab Emirates).

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