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Category: Faucets
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Date: 2013-08-19

This is a rather expensive Grohe shower faucet, the German one cost about 300$. I bought it when I was doing an apartment repairs, this faucet has 5 work modes:
1. Normal — the normal mode, water with an average pressing runs from all spray nozzles. It’s the classical mode which is even hard to describe, the majority or shower faucets work in it by default.

2. Champagne — mode literally translated as champagne, water very much mixed with air, well, slightly resembles the way champagne let overflow the edge of the bottle if shaken and opened by its look, runs from spray nozzles located closer to the middle. Honestly, it gives nothing accept the esthetic side of the question, a senseless mode personally in my view.

3. Rain – rain mode. The sense of the mode is that water runs in big drops, though it doesn’t look like drops, simply kind of abruptly watering and you get the feeling of a heavy rain on the body, peculiar mode, sometimes you can fool around, relax.

4. Massage –water runs in very very tiny trickles from one line of spray nozzles under strong pressure. If we turn on the water pressure stronger and switch on this mode, than the feelings will really be unusual. Water trickles are extremely thin – as if you are being poked by little needles, hundreds of little needles, it doesn’t hurt, and it’s pleasant.

5. Jet – the jet mode. From the middle of the faucet a thin stream of water, somewhat 1 cm in diameter breaks away under the high pressure. The pressure is very powerful, it beats rather painfully, and it can be quite useful for some specific situations, I use it fairly often. Or, for example you need to wash off something in your bathroom, with this mode you can well beat / wash off something.

All in all, this shower has left the most favorable impressions. The German quality, professional assembly, metallic hose covered with plastic casing so not to scratch the bath, all of a sudden you have a very expensive one. Nothing has ever malfunctioned, all the modes work clearly, and there are no backlashes, gaps and dribbling. On the whole, Grohe firm is on the top as usual. The price is certainly smart, but it’s not unreasonable, taking into account 5 years of the guaranty.

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