Universal moisturizing Hada Labo Perfect Gel

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Can be used only as a mask - перевод Алены

Author: Sophie     Date: 2013-07-26
Author´s opinion:
This agent is very much beloved by the majority, and may be, it is deserved. This gel is ranked high according to the statistics of the given portals with references about the Japanese cosmetics. The consistence is nice - gialuronics, ceramides and collagen. By sight and touch it is nice as well – semi-transparent, milky-white gel. But the chemically-alcoholic smell and the stickiness after smearing it… Yuck… It is written in the instruction that it can be used as a mask or as a common product of care. I use it only as a mask – I smear quite thick layer of it, than I take away the excess of it with a wet sponge. Than yes – ...