Trixie “fishing rod” for cat

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Customer reviews: Trixie “fishing rod” for cat

The string is short, my cat doesn’t “believe”

Author: Katiss     Date: 2013-08-25
Author´s opinion:
We’ve bought about 1$ toy for our cat, with a wooden little stick, a thread, an imitation of some alive creature, little piece of wool and feathers. At first the cat liked it, but he lost interest in it rather quickly, it seems to me that he understands that it’s a toy and doesn’t hunt for it. What is more, the rope is a little bit short as for me, and they could have done it 1.5 times longer. But on the whole the toy is made with high quality, it hasn’t felt apart within a few months by playing. Probably it will be nice to buy such one for kittens, and we have 5 year old adult cat instead, may be because of this his enthusiasm was lost so ...