Thermal water Uriage

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Next breach of trust, the effect is missed

Author: Armand     Date: 2013-08-12
Author´s opinion:
This doctor didn’t prescribe me, but recommended to sprinkle this thermal water a couple of weeks on my clean face after my complex acne therapy. Having thought well I decided to buy it. I sprinkled it, the water as water, common and salty, it caused no more sensations. It cost about 30 $, actually asking what for, the salty water? Sprinkled not sprinkled I had no changes or at least feelings or hints of feelings. Here when I smeared antibiotic on the face there was a 100% effect, as they say the effect you can read in the face, it was peeling in front of me. And here is simply nothing. If you have a lot of spare money, probably ...