The powder tea matya ITOEN Tegaru ni Matcha

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There is no WOW, but the tea isn’t bad

Author: Lillie Walker     Date: 2013-09-21
Author´s opinion:
People can be divided into men and women, cat and dog lovers, and also into tea and coffee addicts. I’m a tea addict, I never begin the morning without a cup of strong tea. And having seen extraordinary green powder, I couldn't help trying it.Matja (or matcha) is the green ground tea. It is drunk mixed with hot water. It appeared to be insoluble. After brewing the powder remains a powder mixture in the water, that’s why it should be drunk immediately after its preparation – otherwise the matcha will accumulate on the bottom. Such tea will be more to the liking of those who are fond of exactly the green tea, as the taste is ...