The pentagrams do protect, but they also light up the astral

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Not remotely silly to care about the label; a beautiful meal served in gorgeous surroundings always (all other things being equal0 tastes better than the same food in dismal surroundings. Can still love a perfume in trite/ghastly packaging but it has to be really good to get away with it label, bottle, box are all part of the beauty. Can get silly, of course, like those By Kilian boxes and keys.

Itencapsulates the aura, providing a protection against outside influences. It acts as aveil. The pentagrams do protect, but they also light up the astral plane and makeentities aware of you.

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Peace be on you O Messenger of Allah, Peace upon you O Prophet of God Peace be upon you, O beloved of God, peace be upon you

O best of God’s creation, peace be upon you O elite of God, peace upon you O Messenger of Messengers and the Seal of the Prophets, Peace be upon you, O Commander of the Glory, the Glory, Peace be upon you and on your good and pure householders. Peace be upon you and on your righteous husbands, Mothers of the Believers, Peace upon you and on your companions, Peace. God, O Messenger of Allah, the best of what is a prophet and a messenger of Allah

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