Soaps for personal hygiene Feminelle, Oriflame

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Customer reviews: Soaps for personal hygiene Feminelle, Oriflame

It’s a good help in terms of hygiene

Author: Gail     Date: 2013-08-14
Author´s opinion:
I got my first soap for intimate care by Oriflame as a present. The bottle was just like the current one, only it was orange and with a modest design. When the bottle ended I decided to renew the resource with an appeared novelty. The new soap has been released in the nice violet color bottle with flowers on the background. The bottle is equipped with a dispenser. May be I’m one-handed, but it’s always breaking while I’m using it – either it freezes when pushing, or it’s impossible to turn the little lever from the fixed position with accident push. In the hygienic care this is not an important detail, but I liked ...