How to make shampoo “from scratch”


How to make shampoo

We have already discussed on how to make honey Beldi soap for washing hair. Although it is being used moderately, it suds well, and hair becomes fine after rinsing, some have not used to such a pasty soap. For them, i’d like to tell that It is possible to make conventional liquid shampoo from Beldi.

You´ll need

  • Beldi Hair – 3,53 oz (100 g.)
  • Hot water – 0.05 oz (200 g.)
  • Sodium citrate – 0.14 oz (4 g.)
  • Cottonseed protein peptides – 0.21 oz (6 g.)
  • Preservative Optihen plus – 0.11 oz (3 g.)


  • How to make shampoo

    Weigh honey Beldi. It has specially chosen oils that care for hair during washing, and do not leave film on it. Fill the soap paste with hot water (1:1 or 1:2).

  • How to make shampoo

    In spite of fact that Beldi is filled with hot water, it’ll not dissolve until the homogeneous soap mass even with active stirring.

  • How to make shampoo

    Use a blender to mix them until it becomes a smooth semiliquid mixture.

  • How to make shampoo

    It will have a lot of suds while mixing them, so you need to use a tall container.

  • How to make shampoo

    Dissolve sodium citrate in a small amount of water. It is soften influence of alkaline environment of soap on hair and also provides conditioning effect.

  • How to make shampoo

    Add the liquid cottonseed protein peptides, which help improve hair condition as well as the scalp.

  • How to make shampoo

    After adding water to the pasty soap, adding a reliable preservative is also needed.

  • How to make shampoo

    Pour the mixture of actives in the shampoo.

  • How to make shampoo

    Mix them thoroughly again. Do not worry about a huge foam on the surface, it will vanish with time. Then pour the shampoo in very sanitary bottles.

  • How to make shampoo

    It is easy to apply shampoo to the hair, and it suds well. The first time you use your new shampoo, you may feel that your hair is heavy and dirty. Usually, it takes a month for the hair and scalp to get used to the shampoo. But as time goes on, this hair treatment washing lessens the oiliness of the scalp and you will be able to increase time between washing.


  • Since honey Beldi has caring oils and essential oil of lemon, you don’t need to add them.
  • After using the shampoo made “from scratch,” rinse hair with acidified water or use a hair conditioner is being suggested.

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  1. Talia 29 October 2013 :

    I hope all those components can be easily found in special shops, because I’m really interested in making such a shampoo.

  2. Laric 02 November 2013 :

    Don’t forget that you should first make a Beldi soap which also includes numerous exotic components.

  3. Qiwi 17 November 2013 :

    Maybe, I can just buy some Beldi to make the shampoo preparation quicker?

  4. Nonna Ruggis 20 November 2013 :

    Probably you can, but I think it is safer to make it yourself, this way you will be sure that it’s pure Beldi without any other additives.

  5. PattiM 08 February 2014 :

    For the Honey Beldi….do you use the ripened Beldi, or can you use it before it ripens for this recipe?

  6. Maria 09 February 2014 :

    Hello PattiM, you have to use only ripened Beldi for this recipe.

  7. PattiM 10 March 2014 :

    Hi Maria, I made this (minus the peptides) and it works beautifully! Thanks again for posting it.

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