ROHTO Suppin Rin against signs of tiredness on a face

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Warning! Consult with your physician before using medications!

Active ingredients:

  1. Ginseng Extract
  2. Ginger extract
  3. Royal jelly

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General information

Prescription required No
Attention decrement No
Alcohol tolerance Yes
Is this a supplement Yes

Additional data


  1. Tablets


  1. Rohto Pharmaceutical
Average Rating 10
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Not bad toning up vitamins

Author: Gail     Date: 2013-07-19
Author´s opinion:
I’ve bought these vitamins, being attracted by its name and description. The consistence is also not bad – ginseng, ginger, royal jelly, — for spring/winter is the very thing for the tone and rise of the immunity. Just this effect I got – the tonus, increase of capacity for work, burst of energy. As others biostimulants like Ginseng, Pantohematogen, Eleutherococcus, and these vitamins make me too irritable, I know it and I am trying to take it into account. To be true, I didn’t discover the declared effect. If the skin is loose and tired, than the immediate cooling effect may be received only with the help of a makeup, ...